Hey there!

I'm Tomás

I graduated in design with focus on marketing on ESPM, and starting from UI, learning UX along the way and really capturing the outcomes of user research while Lead UX at Psafe. Had management experiences while at Pinote and as Head of UX at Payface, also designing from scratch to growth while freelancing. Currently working with US clients and looking forward for new UX leadership and Researcher roles.

I’m am based in Florianópolis, Brazil, I've lived 7 years in São Paulo where I've studied Design applied to Marketing and worked on agencies and startups, with international products.

I believe that doing good UX means understanding the ecosystem of its product, and being able to navigate between user needs, business goals and technical capabilities. Design is about observation, conversation and finding consistent value that positively affects a diversity of actors.

A hands on UX responsibility is to build methods that look deeply at its potential, to know the available resources, and create the best environment on work culture in order to deliver pixel perfect UI as the final synthesis of the company's team work. 
I look forward to foster products by managing a team along creating a company's shared vision on UX strategy.

Interests: Data Cooperatives, Platform Cooperativism, Personal Data Awareness, Blockchain, Supply-chain-transparency, Tech Workers Coalition, Desire-Centered-Design, Design Justice, Permaculture.

Diversity is essential for avoiding damage-design.

My Current Goal

As a UX Designer, I look forward to advance in User research (Iteration), facilitating co-creation activities (Ideation), and create creative work culture in teams. I want to collaborate in projects and companies that think about their impact on the world.


Creating wood toys for my little daughter; reading about philosophy and anthropology; composting and growing an edible garden with my neighbours; dancing or bodysurfing; experimenting with music, cinema, and other media forms.
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Data Analysis
UX Strategy
Motion Design
UX Research
Design System
Responsive Webdesign
Android/iOS Guidelines


I've lived one year in Utah, USA as an exchange student, where I became fluent in english speaking. English writing is intermediary.
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese

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