UX Study: Using Data Tips for a Tour Sales Dashboard
Making sense of information towards better sales management
November 29, 2019
As an exercise to put myself as UX Designer of a fictitious Travel Company, here is what I accomplished on a 2-day challenge, and how I got there.
As first step I've talked Davi Bartzen, who sells Fat Bikes (electric bikes with fat tires) to all Brazil using MercadoLivre and Becommerce. Even though he is not in the Travelling business, I thought it was good to get in the mindset of someone using a sales dashboard. He walked me through the two platforms telling me how he usually uses it, his mains concerns as a seller and the problems and benefits each platform offers. With that I've put together two basic empathy maps to get started.
After that, I also put together my own notes on the two platforms, as a way to find ideas and connect with the possible concerns of sellers.
With the feedbacks from Davi and the benchmarks heuristic analysis I quickly put together a Journey with what I defined as site's most common problems:
Usually e-commerce platforms pushes to the seller (client) to improve their offers by completing description, categories and photos, promoting paid ads, or other paid products.
As a platform holding all the data, it's possible to think an experience based on the integration of what the platform know with what the user can do. By adding simple Data-Based Tips on the experience, offered options can be more assertive to users. Besides, with transparency over his results, the user can learn about his market while keeping up with his sales.

So designed the following wireframe (with the essential interactions).
After having the prototype ready to use, the next move would be getting it at user’s hands to seek validation and look for opportunities. At this moment would be more accurate to get someone who actually works with travel bookings. I couldn't find anyone on my circles, but I've prepared a research scope to run as a moderated research.

Questions for Research

Imagine that 2 weeks ago you've added discounts and boosted Ads to one of your booking offers, and now you want to check how its performing and possibly improve its performance.

• What calls your attention the most on the screen?

• How do you know what causes an offer to sell more than others?

• How would you increase sales of this tour?

• What is your impression on the use of the ⬆ symbol? What does it mean in this context?

• What do you think happens after you click the EDIT button?

• Is there anything you can't understand on this screen?

• Anything you would improve?

So I reviewed the wireframe with UX designers from the Sales Dashboard market, and took some notes.
And then started the final UI prototype considering their inputs and ideas.

Here is what I came with. Navigate the prototype!

Remember 1: It's a prototype and some functions are not available.
Remember 2: The prototype might not work on Mobile devices.
Thanks for reading it :)

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